Our history

Ruunawere battle in 1567

In 1558-1583 was a big fight over power in the old Livonia which is called the Livonian War. The war involved : Tsardom of Russia, the Livonian Order, the archbishopric of Riga, Tartu, the archbishopric of West-Saare and Kuramaa(Bishopric of Ösel–Wiek), the Union (later Commonwealth) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland, The Kingdom of Sweden, coalition of Denmark-Norway. In the result: South of Wstonia went to Poland–Lithuania, Saaremaa(Ösel) went to Denmark–Norway, North- and West – Estonia to Kingdom of Sweden.

Ruunawere battle was held in 1567 between Sweden and Poland. A little bit earlier Poland army was defeated by Sweden. So Poland was planning counter strike. Two enemies met at the border of Westland, near the Ruunawere mill. Swedish army was outnumbered and the battle had a lot of casualties. Swedish cavalry fled and infantry was left alone to defend themselves against Polish army in deep snow. It is said that blood rivers rose up to knees on the battlefield. After defeating infantry Polish army went after Swedish cavalry. A lot of horseman were killed and captured. Most of Swedish infantry was also captured and taken to Poland. There was over 2000 captured soldiers and casualties. After Ruunawere battle Polish army plundered that region up to Tallinn.

To remember the soldiers who died in that battle there are burial mounds near Ruunawere Post Station.

Poststation 1741

In 1740 – 1741 Russians built first Ruunawere Post Station. Main building was finished 1824. Post Station still has rare old cape chimney. This chimney covers entire room and is well preserved. It is a National Heritage.

The ruble’s funeral 1992

In 1992 16 th of June at the midnight Estonia got his own currency- Krone. A bunch of people gathered in front of Ruunawere Post Station an held ruble’s funeral. The tombstone is still there and visual for everyone.


Ruunawere Post Station has changed and developed a lot since 2011. There are bunch of new facilities around the hotel like: patios, fountain , a children’s playground, a cozy BBQ area with a open fire place, sauna , barrel sauna, tipi which can also be used in the winter time for smaller events, well, swings, big public swing with a lookout platform on top, wood sculptures, the opportunity to walk in the woods and by the riverside.
Quest can visit greenhouse and see all the healing plants that are grown there.

In the Post Station is dining hall where breakfast is served. There is also a post station officer room which is restored into 19 th century condition. Quest can send old fashioned mails from there to their family or friends. On the second floor is a large dining hall and a conference room.

Ruunawere Post Station Hotel always waits new quests even for just a cup of tea.