Good deed

Dear guest!

It is time to do something good. What could be more beautiful than give a good acquaintance a piece of his time, remember him and wish something good.

The best way to do this is to write him a traditional letter. Kiri where the energy of good desire is encoded is one wonderful a little good deed.

We invite you to spend a pleasant time and taste good food and do one good deed to anyone who is dear to you!
– Explore Ruunawere, take a walk in nature and get to know each other part of good music
– Enjoy a delicious dinner
– Write a letter and send good wishes

Good thoughts carry good emotions and good ones good energy goes hand in hand.

Ruunawere Postimõis is a mediator of small charities from 1824. We are all designed to perform a ritual in the best way.

We are already waiting for a meeting with you!

With good wishes
Ruunawere Postimõis