Breakfast in Ruunaweres:
  • Porridge / pancakes
  • Jam, fruit compote
  • Grilled sausages / meatballs / bacon
  • Boiled egg / omelette / fried egg
  • Muesli, breakfast cereals
  • Slices of ham and sausage cheese
  • Herring, pickled cucumber, onion
  • Tuna, cottage cheese
  • Tomato, cucumber, paprika
  • Ruunawere bread, bread
  • Milk, yogurt, kefir
  • Ruunawere homemade apple juice, coffee, latte, cappucino, tea

Catering for groups is by reservation.

Breakfast is served in a buffet style from 08:00 until 10:00

Glass gallery

The glass gallery allows larger groups to enjoy a refreshing meal in the spacious attic. The glass gallery can accommodate up to 80 people. For weddings and birthdays, when there is also a free space for dancing and other activities, the glass gallery can accommodate up to 60 people.