Canoe adventure

If you are looking for a place to put your friendship or relationship to the test, this package is for you!

The adventure takes place on the Kasari River and the Ruunawere Canal. Canoeing is a place that requires good cooperation and getting to know each other. An exciting ordeal takes place in any weather, the winners will be the participants who return to Ruunawere Postimõis Hotel as friends. Are you ready for the challenge?

The package for two includes accommodation, dinner and breakfast, canoes with safety equipment.

Canoe adventure for two at Ruunawere Postimõis Hotel

Upon arrival at the hotel, we will guide you to a room where you can put on the appropriate clothes and shoes for the weather, the adventure takes place in any weather, while on the trail you will not even notice the rain gust typical of Estonia. We will guide you along the canon along the wonderful forest trail of Ruunawere Postimõisa. First you go along the Ruunawere canal clockwise to a small dam, which you cross into the Kasari River. Moving on from there is upstream towards the two bridges. Once you have reached the tunnel, you can cross it vigorously, a few bends in the river and you can already stretch your legs on Pärnu mnt. at the old bridge.

One of the members could climb to the old bridge on Tallinn-Pärnu road, where he should pose for a companion in a canoe, whose task is to make a picture that the companion, the canoe and part of the bridge remain. It then runs back downstream after the Ruunawere canal dam. Until you reach the rapids, you should be a little more careful when going over or around, because the rocks are big. In late autumn and early spring, the rapids are under water and crossing is safe. Further on, the river is sometimes narrower but a little deeper so that you can enjoy the surroundings in peace. When you start to hear the noise of a nice waterfall, you may think that you have reached the second task: to take another picture of the other companion at the beaver dam, so that all three components remain on top.

Next to the beaver dam, you can pull the canoe ashore for a while to admire the surroundings and listen to the sounds of nature. Then pull the canoe back into the Ruunawere canal (narrower branch on the right). It is exciting to observe different soil types in the canal because the top layer is peat and the bottom clay. Some twists and you’re back to the starting point. The ordeal is 3.5 km long.

When you are attentive and quiet in the canoe, you can meet a variety of birds and even animals.

Upon returning to the hotel, we will send you a 1.5-hour private sauna, if you wish, if you wish to warm up or simply relax. We offer you a delicious dinner and a refreshing sleep in a cozy hotel room.

Package for two 138 €

One child can be accommodated in the canoe on request: 25 €

The child’s participation also includes the use of a canoe with a safety vest, dinner and a bed.

In agreement with the Hotel, the canoe adventure can be extended for an additional fee and from the beaver dam to the Pajaka manor bridge, we can pick you up there by the agreed time.

Bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes!

Information and booking:

505 1923